Here, as Advent draws to a close, is a reflection about Mary the mother of Jesus. Written by the Rev. Lindsay Hardin Freeman, it’s adapted from her book, “Bible Women: All Their Words and Why They Matter.”

Mary: What’s she done for you lately?

From The Scarlet Cord: Conversations with God’s Chosen Women

For the better part of forty years, Mary didn’t do anything for me. And that sounds like something a loser would say: “Hey, Mary didn’t do anything for me…”

Except, of course, she did something that no one has ever done; something that no one else will ever do. She gave birth to Jesus, the Prince of Peace, the Redeemer. Surely that ranks pretty high on one’s resume.

Yep. Of course, I knew that over the years. But I couldn’t relate to was the ever-so-meek and mild, complacent, virginal, pleasant, and practically perfect aura which has surrounded her for so many centuries…until I studied every word she said that is recorded in the Bible (see words below), and until I became a mother myself.

Her gift to the human race can best be summarized with one word: Yes. And it wasn’t a momentary “Yes”— it was a yes that would last her a lifetime, with all the pain and agony and joy that love brings.

Her story:

When Gabriel approached Mary, he tells her, “Hail, O favored one, the Lord is with you!” Continue reading

Results of the ECW National Board Elections

President: Lisa Towle, Diocese of North Carolina
1st Vice President: Linda Guest, Diocese of Rhode Island
2nd Vice President: Virginia “Ginger” Lief, Diocese of New York
Secretary: Patricia Wellnitz, Diocese of Nebraska
Treasurer: Karen O. Patterson, Diocese of Southwest Florida
Member at Large Social Justice: Beblon G. Parks, Diocese of Virginia
Member at Large Multi Media: Mayra Brown, Diocese of the Dominican Repoublic