ECW 2012 – 2015

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Looking for a very Unique and Life-Changing Opportunity?

Run for Office on the National ECW Board!!

Deadline to Submit Nomination Form, Resume & Photo: October 15, 2014
Submit to either Sandra Powers, chair of the nominating committee or Kathy Mank, nominating committee National ECW Board liaison

If you have attended at least one Triennial Meeting the following positions are open to you:
Member at Large – Social Justice
Member at Large – Multi Media/Communications

If you have previously served a full term on the National ECW Board these positions are open to you:
Vice President of Program
Vice President for Information & Communication

Why the early deadline to run for office when the election takes place at Triennial in 2015?
• There can be no nominations from the floor
• Candidates running must have received consent from the Presiding Bishop and Executive Council to run for office

Why is the National ECW Board subject to these changes?
• In response to a resolution at TM 2012, Legal Counsel at the church-wide office in New York City reviewed the structure and relationship of the National ECW Board to The Episcopal Church (TEC)
• To comply with church canons and the IRS, bylaw amendments were carefully drafted with Legal Counsel, reviewed by the board Parliamentarian and subsequently adopted in spirit by the 2012-2015 National ECW Board
• The new election procedures include the formation of a nominating committee with representatives from all 9 provinces and the creation of a time-line to ensure compliance with the bylaw amendments

Will Province Representatives to the National ECW Board be subject to the new rules?
• Yes! Province boards are electing the province reps to the national ECW board at 2014 annual meetings. The province reps’ names will be submitted to the Presiding Bishop at the same time as the names of women running for offices. The province reps elected will be required to complete the same nomination forms. Local bishop recommendation is strongly encouraged if not mandated.

Nomination Forms
Nominating Process Time Line
Job Descriptions
Letter to Province Presidents from Nominating Committee board liaison (to be added soon)
Nominating Committee from all 9 Provinces
Revised Bylaws subject to adoption at TM 2015