16 Days of Activism 2013

From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Let’s Challenge Militarism and End Violence Against Women!

The 2013 16 Days Campaign advocates for awareness and action on the multi-faceted intersections of gender-based violence and militarism, while highlighting the connection between the struggle for economic and social rights and ending gender-based violence. The theme focuses on militarism as a creation and normalization of a culture of fear that is supported by the use or threat of violence, aggression, as well as military intervention in response to political and social disputes or to enforce economic and political interests.

16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence begins November 25 and continues through December 10, 2013

For many of us in the church, action begins with prayer.  Prayer grounds us and helps us speak the truth into the world, and so we offer you these prayers for each of the 16 days as food for reflection and action.

December 10 – Day 16

A Prayer for Our Own Empowerment

1382589589qimqnCreator Mother, as we offer our prayers for our sisters who suffer from physical and emotional abuse, and for the perpetrators of violence against them, we ask also that you create within each of us an awareness of the many subtle forms of denigration of women and girls that occur daily and hourly around us and that contribute to an environment that allows abuse of women and girls to perpetuate.
Open our eyes to see instances where women and girls are treated as ‘less than’ men and boys: in the workplace, in the media, in the family and elsewhere.
Give us the courage to speak out when language is used that objectifies women’s bodies and intellect and subtly dehumanizes them.
Inspire us to stand up to media advertising that distorts and devalues women and girls by making informed purchases from companies who show respect for women in their advertising and hiring policies.
Make us mindful of the need to raise sons and daughters, and grandchildren too, in an environment of respect for the dignity of EVERY human being.
God of Love and Mercy,
Hear our Prayer

Christine Budzowski
VP Information and Communication
National Episcopal Church Women 

December 9 – Day 15

 Divine Mercy for the Physically and Sexually Abused

Candle FlameDivine Mercy, I beg of You to protect all those helpless children who are physically and sexually abused, especially by those whose duty it is to guide and protect them on earth. Send Your enveloping cloak of Mercy and wrap it around those poor children and enfold them in Your love and protection. Send forth Your rays of blood and water to cleanse and renew the souls of those who perpetrate these vile acts of Satan. Let there be a way to get Your powerful image of Divine Mercy into the homes of these sad families, from where graces will flow as You promise, and they shall be renewed. O’ Blood and Water which gushed from the heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, we trust in You. Amen


December 8 – Day 14

For the Women of Our World  

file00061624372O gracious Lord, we humbly pray
for the women of the world today.

Born of different colors and creeds,
we share the same concern and needs.

Lord, lift our heads and dry our tears,
as you strengthen us and calm our fears.

Comfort those who, on bended knee,
seek a life where all live free.

We pray for ourselves as well as others,
as we pray for the future
of children and mothers.


Lonna Paul  
Prayers from
Lifting Women’s Voices  copyright DFMS 2009


December 7 – Day 13

A Prayer for the Women of the World

1361890326tfwksDivine Creator, create in us the power to speak for those who truly need your love and care but have no voice.  Give us the wisdom, strength and courage to make a difference in the lives of the women we pray for: Keep us aware of their problems and empower us to somehow come to their aid.

In Your Mercy


Lastly Lord, Mother and Father of us all, we ask you to reach in to the hearts of every Christian and Stir up the Spirit within, let all of us Celebrate your Holy Name now and forever.    AMEN

December 6 – Day 12

A Prayer for the Women of the World

helplessWe ask your presence to be with all the women and children who suffer with AIDS, not just in our country, but throughout the whole world.  We ask you to give strength, courage and wisdom to those who tend to the AIDS victims, in your power give them not only the drugs they need, but the ability check that those who receive these drugs are using them correctly. And mostly, Dear Father, we ask that they can teach them to prevent the spreading of this disease.

In Your Mercy


December 5 – Day 11

A Prayer for the Women of the World

file0001303280372We pray for the elderly women, who have no safe place to stay, who are often beaten or ignored by their so called caregivers, deliver them from those who are hurting them, keep them safe, fed, and free to worship you.

In Your Mercy


December 4 – Day 10

A Prayer for the Women of the World

file6591304272823Father, Help that young girl, who has become a runaway. Do not let her become another statistic, so many of these homeless or abused teens are being blinded and are being used to satisfy the needs of strangers. Their young bodies are being misused; send them angels to get them to a safe place.

In Your Mercy



December 3 – Day 9

file4511274046751A Prayer for the Women of the World

We ask that you be with all the women who are oppressed, behind bars, or being held prisoner by fear, abuse or cultural custom.  Allow them their freedom.

In Your Mercy


December 2 – Day 8

Prayer for the Women of the World…

file000928669395We ask that you stop the pain of the women who have sustained a beating from their abusers; be it husband, father, owner or master…heal their pain and keep them safe.

In Your Mercy


December 1 – Day 7

13787647398rz4gPrayer for the Women of the world…

Almighty God, Father of all mankind, creator of women, hear our prayers today for the women whom you love and care for.
We ask in the precious name of your son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus…that the women who woke up hungry and unable to feed their children this morning…are fed especially with your spiritual word and that you are able to provide them with physical nourishment to feed their family and friends.

 In Your Mercy


November 30 – Day 6

file2591244650472Stir up the Spirit, O’ God, that our ears may be open to hear the cries of your daughters and sons entrapped by violent relationships.

Stir up the Spirit, O’ God, that our eyes may be open to see the damage perpetuated by the human trafficking – modern slavery – of women and men; young girls and young boys.

Stir up the Spirit, O’ God, that our hearts may be open to feel the pain of sexual abuse of women and young girls; men and young boys, wherever it is found; in the home; in school; in institutions; in the market place.

Stir up the Spirit, O’ God, that our minds may be open to understand and acknowledge the untold damage wrought by all sexual violence and abuse.

Stir up the Spirit, O’ God, that we may give voice to what we hear and see – to what we feel and know – and with strength and courage seek healing and transformation of our broken world.   Amen.

Virginia Lief

November 29 – Day 5

Merciful Father,

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe offer our prayers today for the women and children who are victims of human trafficking. Lord we know that human trafficking is a human rights violation and one of the gravest and most complex human rights challenges of the times.   It is a crime against the dignity and integrity of people. It has devastating consequences for victims who may suffer emotional, psychological, and physical abuse. Many victims of trafficking are bought and sold many times over, multiplying the forms of violence they suffer.  We ask for your divine intervention for these victims. Hold them in your loving arms Lord, free them and heal their physical, emotional and psychosocial wounds.

Lord we also pray for the perpetrators of these crimes against the dignity and integrity of your people. We ask that you grant them a change of heart and forgiveness. Move them to release every victim from the bonds of this horrific crime.  Lord we also pray for ourselves. Move us in such a mightily way that we strive for justice for all victims of trafficking.   Open the eyes for those of us who fail to see the gravity of trafficking, soften the hearts of those of us who do nothing and lead us into action to end this grave and complex human rights challenge. We ask this all in the most precious name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Deb Gardiner
Member-at-Large Social Justice
National ECW Board

November 28 – Day 4

1382474839er3hdDear Lord,
Thank you for this day.
Hold the victims of slavery, sex, and abuse
in your hands.
Give them the will, strength, and courage to
defend themselves to your glory!
Help them to bear the burden they
have endured and hold fast their
belief of your goodness through Christ.

Shirley Greiman

November 27 – Day 3

A Collect for 16 Days of Activism.

file8621247193042Stir up your power, Almighty God, and guide us in the ways of justice and truth. Help us to love one another as you love us, that we may be strengthened and renewed by the Holy Spirit to right the wrongs done by those who do not know how to love. Grant our petitions, O Lord, for the sake of Jesus Christ, your Son our Savior. Amen.

The Rev. Dcn. Nancy R. Crawford

November 26 – Day 2

This is my prayer.

Angel StatueWe grieve the injustices that have been perpetrated against women throughout history, and we affirm the equality that you instilled when you created humanity.

We pray especially for women in the developing world, who are often most grievously affected by war, conflict, and natural disasters.

In your name, Jesus, we stand up against all violence against women.  Amen

Linda Guest

November 25 – Day 1

To Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women

Women’s Words in the Night

file5231249687751We are the hands that rock the cradle.
But what if our hands are battered and bloody?
tremble from coercion?
abandon the cradle?

We are the voices that sing the lullaby.
But what if our voices are faint?
shriek with rage?
are silenced?

We are the eyes that behold the hope.
But what if our eyes are closed?
glazed with pain?
ignore the vision?

We are the hearts that burst with reconciliation.
But what if our hearts embrace forgiveness?
flower with justice?
redeem the violence?

By Margaret Faulk of Nashua, NH
Vol. I of “Women’s Uncommon Prayers

16 Days of Activism begin November 25

16 Day of ActivismThe International Anglican Women’s Network (IAWN) has set the issue of violence against women and girls as its #1 priority for the next several years.   Our General Convention has passed many resolutions on this issue. The women in the Episcopal Church have created this annual campaign through a partnership between ECW, AWE and EWC that began in 2010.

We encourage people — women and men, girls and boys — to mark the 16 Day period by using these prayers, every day during the 16 days, in personal or corporate prayer and worship. We also hope that sermons will be preached, articles will be written, and the bulletin insert will be used as we move through the 16 Day period.